New year new you…

So as we have now officially started the brand spanking and shiny and glittering new year of 2018….

I feel inspired to write…. I mean, I adore writing and all the time write poetry on a piece of paper and then annoyingly lose that piece of paper, or find it months later crumpled up in the bottom of one of my many bags full of random shit.

I have dreams of writing books, more blog posts, putting my poems onto social media. To be honest with you these dreams set my heart blazing and a light. Although at the same time, scare me to the point of not actually doing anything about it.

One thing that will prevent you from doing anything is the fear of failure. Really?

Who cares if I fail?

Does it really matter so much?!?

Instead of I fail I must jump up and try and try and try (a thousand gazillion) times again until I succeed.

I shall not be defeated by the fear of simply failing …

I shall try, I shall live and I shall pour my heart and soul into what I love.

There are too, too many things that I long for … things that fill me with love, joy and passion. I must try and live out my life as I do want to.

I must not be afraid of being judged, of failure, or be scared…

I will give this a good go



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