5 step Morning routine

Good morning,

Firstly I wanted to say what a difference waking up early in the morning has made in my life and even more so establishing a morning routine or morning ritual if you like… I highly recommend this to anyone if you want to find balance and happiness within your life. Not only that but simply make the most of your day and our time is so precious …

So here is mine:

Alarm goes off at: 5am

1. I wake up straight away l, get out of bed and make my bed so I am not tempted to go back to sleep and dry brush my skin with upward strokes, then put on my clothes ready to get active.

2. I go and make myself a hot tea, usually a slice of lemon and ginger in hot water or a herbal tea… at worse cases a coffee.

3. I will lay out my yoga mat, light a candle or incense stick and set a good intention or say a little prayer for the day (this could be to have fun and be positive, or to achieve a certain task).4. I will practise yoga (lately free flowing and practising anything that I am working towards,) I will sit silently in meditation for a while (these always differ every day sometimes for 1 hour, sometimes 15minutes.) 5. I will put on my trainers and head outside for my morning walk (very blessed to be living by the se at the moment, to hear the waves.) On my walk I will firstly think of all of the things in my life I am grateful for (health, family, friends, the earth…) then I will imagine all of the things I am working towards or what it is I want to achieve in my life… in great details and imagine achieving these things and how my life will be when I do. After this finally I will think of some things that I can do right now or on this present day to help take me a step closer towards my goals.After this I will either fast until lunch time or have a nice big fresh and healthy vegan breakfast and I am ready and alive to start my day.I dare you to give this a try… or even create your own morning routine. It has made such a difference so far in my life and yes believe me there are days when I do not want to get out of bed… however I still wake up and still get up as I find after a while I still end up feeling great anyway.Feel free to share your own morning ritual below or feedback on how trying out your own routine has helped you.Peace and loveEmily

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