My first smear test

My first Smear test…

It is surprisingly alarming that there are a lot of young women who do not know what actually is a smear test… most would assume that is is a regular STD test or something along those lines.

A smear test is a cervical screening test in order to detect any abnormal cells or early signs of the chances of gaining cervical cancer and to prevent this from happening.

From just before the age of 25 years young I received in the post an invitation to come into the doctors to go for my first smear test. As I was working abroad at this time, I used this fact as an excuse not to pay any attention to the letter whatsoever and continued as I was… sunning it up in a much warmer climate than the UK. Having said that my mum was the one whom informed me of such letter and said that I should book and appointment and go in for the test. My mum herself, when she was my age, went in for her smear test and received abnormal results and had to go in for treatment  soon after… her being concerned about this actively tried to encourage me to go in… I did not at that time.

For some reason the idea of actually having a smear test was a sign to me of getting older and kind of becoming an ‘adult’ as such and the simple thought of going in for something like this scared the living shit out of me. Quite frankly I did not like the idea of someone poking around down there in my lady parts and felt the whole thing was rather pointless and invasive.

That was my original thought… up until last month it was anyway.

so I had just finished my contract working abroad in Saudi Arabia and had been back home in the UK for about one week at this point.

My mum was adamant and constantly moaning at me to have a smear test… still … every day pretty much.. She even went so far as to book me in for an appointment and said to me she is not taking ‘NO!’ for an answer and is ‘putting her foot down with this one!’ haha… thinking back it is rather funny and silly now of me to be so off the whole idea of going in for a simple little test.

So finally she booked the appointment for me and literally dragged me in to the hospital for this simple smear test… really I made such a fuss over something very important and yet so very simple (I know us women go through so much worse in our lives.)

The nurse made me feel super comfortable and happy… she was a very friendly and welcoming person and put me at ease during the whole situation. At first I was super nervous and anxious about the whole thing as everyone else would be feeling this too… We all have the ability to feel nervous and anxious about things and it is very normal to feel this way in unknown situations … please know you are not on your own.

Anyway, first of all the very friendly and welcoming nurse talked me through what happens and what the process is and also what would happen if I get a recall to go for further tests and worst case scenario. Also best case scenario and what would happen… Also asking me a few questions regarding my health and background, such as if I was taking any medications or if I was allergic to anything.

After maybe 10/15 minutes of talking and question answering she then took me through to the other room where there was one of those sort of hospital beds… almost like the portable massage beds that people have. She told me to take off all of the clothes on my bottom half including my underwear but leave on the clothes on my top half and then lay down on the bed facing up with a sort of large square shaped bit of tissue paper kind of covering my lady parts for my ‘modesty.’

Then she came back in and asked me to place my feet flat onto the bed and bend my knees letting them fall outwards to either side creating a diamond shape.

After this she poured lubricant onto something that looks a little bit like it could be a very unusefull salad fork and inserted it into my vagina… which opened up the walls of my vagina creating easier access to the outer lining of my cervix.

At this point I was looking around the room trying to distract myself from the nurse peering into my lady parts as I was trying not to laugh at this concept… animals are always sniffing and poking around each  others private parts, why do we as humans find it so awkward and strange, when it is probably such a natural thing to do?!? hehehe

Anyway through this utensil thingy.. she used what looked like a very small soft brush with a super long handle to take a swab of the cells on the outer wall of my cervix.

she was pretty awesome to be honest… she did all of this whilst talking to me, making sure I felt comfortable and when it came down to it… it was painless and over in less than 30 seconds. That is not a long time out of your life at all, seriously think of how much we go through on a much longer basis as women. I mean we literally bleed from our vagina every month and that certainly lasts for waaaay longer than 30 seconds.

So yes all in all…. quick, simple, painless experience and if you think of animals sniffing each others butts whilst going through this, it becomes quite a hilarious experience (in a way.)

It is very important that us girls look out for each other and look after ourselves and most importantly… our health. In many ways we are so blessed now to have such good ‘high tech advanced,’ health care in this day and age. Please girls always know that you are never alone in the world and there is always another woman who has been through it before. Talk, comment and share if you think this will help spread the awareness in any way.

peace and love



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