Charity fundraisers and people

Have you ever considered giving money to a charity fundraising scheme?Those young hipsters trying desperately to get your attention on the streets , waiting for someone… anyone to put their personal details down on the form on their colourful clipboard… mainly waiting for their bank card details. Asking people wantingly if they would love to sponsor a cute puppy or children in Africa… or old people. 

Have you ever considered that these people, these people who seam to ‘give a shit,’ about that little animal called toby they are trying to raise funds for; are actually just there because this is just a job for them. This is the easiest or maybe and quite possibly the only way for them to make money. .. I mean, thats what life is isn’t it? All about making money?!?
Its not so much about those people actually doing the work.. I mean who can really blame them?
a job is just a job…
However my point is on the company itself right now… Are they deceiving people by trying to convince the general public that all of the money they will mindlessly ‘donate’ every month actually does 100% go to those poor little children in Africa, or that cuter than life puppy who is to be trained to be a service dog?

Like where does your money go?
The amount of advertising they do I am pretty sure that has a cost to it and, the people they pay to do the nitty gritty work for them… I know for sure they get paid slightly more than minimum wage to ‘walk the streets’ and sell sell sell.
Is it better for everyone if we just do something…. instead of just ‘giving money,’ how about we give our time…
can we do that?


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