Feels good 

What feels good?
In this life… in our life… or rather yours or my life, we have to do what feel good.
like, why not be happy?
I don’t get it why some people actively choose to live out a miserable life, they work in a job they absolutely hate, date/ marry a partner that doesn’t share the same values as them and, they surpress their dreams and ambitions just to ‘people please’… or because they have to do what they ‘have’ to do.
If everyone lived out their own dreams and desires since childhood, I believe that, this world would be a very different place indeed. Maybe… maybe there is a possibility people would be happy . I don’t just mean happy for short while (like when you buy that new dress and it looks oh so good and then 2 weeks later you have nothing to wear,) actually I mean happy, truly happy forever… yes I truly and humbly believe such a state exists.
Unlike now with massive rates of workers and, generally day to day people suffering from anxiety and stress, not to mention depression and mental illness… 
Could this be something to do with this lifestyle in which we are mindlessly choosing to blindly follow… 
its almost as though it’s being forced upon us, just like in the blink of an eye when you are eating your evening meal and the next time you look down at your plate, your food is already being processed through your dogs tummy as he has sneakily (without you noticing,) ate that very dinner that you were about to consume off your plate. 

… and breathe haha
Really, technology and our ‘western’ society is progressing at such a rapid and diverse rate. Is it too quick for us to handle?
Anyway that is a different topic entirely..
My point ‘Do what feels good,’ is literal… really do with your life what feels good for you and, my friends… if it does not feel good… don’t 🙂
You will find that you will come up with all of these excuses to try and stop yourself from following your passion. A big one is ‘oh no I am far too young/old to do that,’ Let me tell you this, come closer…
‘ that is a lame excuse you are telling yourself!’
You are never too young (maybe in rare cases) or definitely never too old to do something, to follow your passion. There are plenty of examples on youtube of this where you will see an 80 year old women completing yoga; or, a 90 year old man still driving around… really age is what you make it to be. Unfortunately I know many old 30 year old (the ones who say they are too old to have fun,) however fortunately I also know many young 80 year olds (who still feel 21 at heart.)
Finding out what feels good for you is a challenge in itself, I know a lot of us already know what feels good/ or know what it is we enjoy doing and what makes us super happy. Yet it is easy to forget over time.. maybe life has challenged us/ changed us or has made us forget who we are at heart?
I find that when I feel lost, looking back to what I enjoyed doing as a child such as writing, dancing, drawing… playing silly games. Just because we forgot that we once loved to do something with a passion does not mean to say we cannot get that love or passion back. Yes at first it might be hard, difficult or challenging in more ways than we can imagine but that does not mean to say that it will not feel good like it used to. 
Go for it …
start small, no you don’t have to ‘quit your job’ 
you do have to feel good … do something for you

go paint that picture or, ride that skateboard
enjoy your life 🙂
Peace and good vibes


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