The Magic of this world

I believe in magic…. yes I did say that childish word (almost like.. i believe in fairies )
But really, if you open your eyes and look around you; you will find that magic does very much exist in this crazy beautiful world we live in.

I know right now you are thinking what is this crazy girl writing about 😛
Open your eyes…
You are most probably reading this blog on your laptop or, mobile phone… that right their in your hands or on your lap, is , a piece of magic in itself! Truly think of how magical it is to be able to carry around this portable device with you that lets you have an alternative look at the world in which we reside in… an alternative reality.. other than the one in which you are in at this very moment.

Think about the light at night time we take advantage of every time we stumble in the house (at god knows what time,) when its dark and we are trying to make ourself some toast or fill a glass of water. The twinkling fairy lights that we use to decorate our houses with.
The beauty of being able to travel pretty much anywhere in this world and yet still have the ability to talk to our loved ones (or post a picture on instagram.)

…. all …. over….. the …. world. I have recently come back to the UK after living and working in Saudi Arabia for a year and a half. I feel super lucky and in awe of this magical technology that we have to be able to have a video call with my family during my travels, so even though I was on the other side of the world, I still felt very much at home.
You know what really amazes me… the fact that we can freeze and capture a moment in time to look at and replay over and over again. Even though it has already passed and we have already moved on from that moment… really, don’t you think it is purely, magically wonderful?
Have you ever stopped and just thought of how bizarre it is that we can sit there and watch on a thin layer of glass the recordings of such events that have been created purely for our entertainment?
Have you ever questioned how crazy it is?
That we can…. actually sit there and watch such things on a thin piece of glass we call today a TV screen…
But you what the real magic is… our amazing human body’s are capable of so so much more, we can feel, we can see the beautiful things, we can listen , we can taste yummy food (being a foodie that brilliant news to me,) and we can smile and we can laugh…. we all can feel love. 
Our body’s have the amazing ability to heal, to grow and expand and adapt to the choices we make in life. If you choose to eat shit you will get fat or suffer from your body’s adapting to also be shit because you are consuming shit.
If you choose to honour your body with a healthy and nurturing lifestyle your body will adapt to that… 
we can give life and make beautiful little babies; I mean wow! 
Like wow that is truly magic! 
And we have a choice, we are blessed with choosing what we do everyday. Choose well and, embrace this awesome magic every where around you!
peace out

Emily xoxo

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