Decorate your shell how you want to…

We all have an outer shell… and an inner softer more sensitive energy vibrating thought us.
I like to imagine the crabs right at the bottom of the sea… As they try to camouflage themselves from prey or to warn of predators who so want to claim their turf. They decorate their shells with any lavishes they can find down in the ocean… you can see things from tranquil, sparkling jewels to bits of grass and other shells covering their own precious shell. This image in my mind is one that represents us… as people. We have a tendency to hide behind our our skin (I know… I know,) and decorate our bodies which such diversity from person to person that I believe our exterior gives those around us no such clue as to whom our more softer inside being is.

I will give an example of this:

My youngest sister is wildly covered in tattoos and has this bright pink pixie cut hair, along with piercings and only generally dresses in various shades of black. To those who don’t know her, they would assume she is an overtly confident hipster/ rock chick/ goth rebellion. However on the inside … her soul is beautiful, she is such a caring, loving, sensitive person and is one of my best friends… and yet unfortunately in our society we are taught to judge, have opinions and see people only at face value. 
easy to say … don’t judge… not easy to do…

It’s also like the big and beautiful birds that puff out their feathers whilst looking for a mate… We as humans do a similar thing … to attract a mate , or friends…
We are all sensitive, energetically spiritual beings enjoying a temporary human experience… never forget that.




  1. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself, from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, couldn´t agree with you more. Mr Midnight says that it´s a pity people, and crabs!, have to disguise their true indentities in which to survive in life but unlike the crab, people will not normally get eaten if they show their true colours. Sir Winston points out that perhaps many people do not show their true, real-self simply because they still do not know who they really are. People appear to be conviently trapped in the machinery of their societies.
    Thank you for posting. Purr, purr, meow and kind regards. 🙂

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    1. Mr Midnight, thanks god that people don’t normally get eaten…
      Sir winston, so true…. I believe in a fast ever changing society in which we live in many people feel lost as to who they are or what they want to do… isn’t it a shame that we feel as though we have to ‘do’ something or ‘achieve ‘ something to feel comfortable.
      Thank you for reading dear 🙏🙏🙏❤️


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