I wake up in the morning and I feel blessed to be alive,I place my feet on the floor on the side of my bed, I feel blessed to have feet to support my every step,

I sit up with a big yawn an stretch, I feel blessed to have oxygen running through my body and arms and legs,

I walk down the stairs to make my morning cup of strong black coffee, I feel blessed to have a roof over my head,

I give my dad a hug and say have a good day, I feel blessed to have people I love around me,

I walk outside…. oh what a beautiful day…. ❤
You always….. ALWAYS have things to be grateful for… 
Choose to show gratitude, to feel blessed, to be thankful
peace and thanks
Emily xoxo


  1. Gratitude is something I take for granted sometimes. I saw a picture the other day – it’s one that has been around for a while now – the one of that 6 or so year old homeless East Indian child, holding a baby that he is taking care of. On a set of filthy steps somewhere on the streets. It has always broken my heart. And as I saw it, I began to cry – not only for those poor souls, but that it could also be my children. or anyone else’s children. We have so many first world problems, it’s silly and sad. So I try to hold onto that image, as hard as it is to hold onto, and look at my life. A lot of the things which I think bother me no longer bother me.
    Gratitude is a wonderful thing to hold onto.
    thank you for this.

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