choosing to be vegan

Hey fellow vegans out there,


I get this a lot… ” why are you vegan?’ …. “plants have feelings?!?” …. “why eat a vegan sausage?”…. “oh you can’t eat that sorry!”


haha I bet you get this too!

Being vegan is a choice that I make and will continue to make… consistently. It is not that I cannot eat that piece of cheese or chomp down on that bacon sandwich on a Saturday morning (my dads weekly ritual)… the fact of the matter is… is that I choose not to. Quite simply put, being vegan is a choice of what you knowingly put into your body.

There are so many alternatives to meat now… yes in the picture they are in fact vegan sausages and vegan butter spread onto the deliciously freshly baked vegan bread (vegan, vegan, vegan) haha.

Also I hear people say oh why would vegans or veggies want to eat a meat substitute… my answer simply is we don’t have too…. however, again simply put it is just food mushed into a shape that our culture has got used to eating… meat does not get born sausage shaped , nor in fact does a burger simply appear burger shaped … it is muscle carved from a once living and now dead animal, just made into that shape to make it more appealing for us to commoditise and eat. The same thing with plant based sausages, it is just a way for us to consume our decorative foods in a way that seams relatively normal to us. Also it means that for those people who want to ‘go vegan’ for ethical reasons don’t ‘miss out’ on the style of food they are used to.

rant over

Emily xoxo

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