Top 10 Tips to being happy

Hello darlings,

so people allll the time ask me how/why/WTF… am I so happy pretty much (nearly) all of the time. I just want to point out that yes I do feel also the other emotions we are so blessed to feel … anger, sadness, fear, and so on.. However most of the time, yes, I do actually, rather quite like… choosing to be happy rather than, well, being unhappy. Anyway here below are my Top 10 tips (things that I myself follow,) to help (even just a little bit,) to be happy šŸ™‚

  1. Here we go:
    1. Smile- This has to be the far most important point of all… smile! even if you have to fake it at first I guarantee that eventually you will actually smile for real.
    2. Laugh- I know, I know… laughing .. hahahahaha. Really laughter again is a very similar concept to the smiling one, I mean if you have to fake laugh at first; after a while not only you but, everyone around will also be really properly laughing. I did a little experiment one time at work, I walked into the staff room and just started laughing (fake laughing.) After a couple of minutes .. maybe less, everyone else whom was in the room and whom entered the room also was laughing too… really proper belly laughing. It is so merrily contagious.
    3. Music- literally put on your favourite song as loud as you like, close your eyes and, dance like a crazy person. Freely move your body in any way that feels good for you at that precise moment.
    4. Get yourself outside- Just do it, whatever the weather, whatever the time. You must spend at least 5 minutes outside each day. This is a MUST.
    5. Give FREE Hugs- hug your family, hug your friends, hug strangers… like really who does not love hugs? I make sure I hug as many people as I can each day… even cute fluffy animals too, to make not just myself but also the other beautiful person also feel happy and feel loved.
    6. Listen- to peoples stories, to the sounds of the birds chirping outside, the sound of the sea swooshing in and out, the sound of the rain against the window. See how many different things you can hear… you might be surprised by what you learn/ how you will feel.
    7. Get creative- don’t you ever feel to old to draw, write poems, sing.. dance… let your spirit shine free and just go with whatever is wanting to come out of your artistic mind (even if it looks like something a 4 year old drew,) Let yourself go with making a mess.
    8. Be a child- children are such free spirits, they freely and open mindedly have fun and are not afraid to totally make fools of themselves. Never ever… EVER say that you are “too old” to do something, age is a mindset… choose to be young.
    9. Do not judge people- How others choose to lives their lives, is frankly … non of your business! Instead focus purely on your own life satisfaction and happiness and yes you will be happy.
    10. Turn off the gadgets- Spend atlas 15 minutes or preferably more each and every day totally switched off from any social media, distractions, TV, mobile phone, or whatever else it is that you have (all electronic devices.) You will feel super calm and relaxed when you start to do this and it will also help you to be happy. During this time of no distractions you may wish to go outside or to a nice quiet place somewhere where you can walk, dance, or simply sit and be still for a short while. I find being still for even a small moment each day helps you to reconnect back to yourself and disconnect from everything else that well, is not you.

    So one more thing before I say bye, Keep things simple… simplicity is definatley a big key to happiness.

    I know you will benefit so much if you just practise one of my top ten everyday. Good luck and feel free to let me know how you are getting on. Ā Love Emily xoxo




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