Remember …

When the going gets tough… the tough get going!

or they quit… give up… give in and say ‘i will do it tomorrow..’



Do not quit!… Do not give up!… you will regret not doing it now!

When you feel lazy and feel like giving up, this is the time to remind yourself why you started. This is the time right now.. right at this very moment (not tomorrow,) to remind yourself what your goal is?

what is it you want to achieve with your life?

fit and healthy body? be super rich? have great relationships? start your own business? to help as many people as you can?

Take a moment right now… this very second to picture yourself in great detail achieving the goals you have set yourself whatever they may be. Imagine yourself getting to that very moment where you know … you have done it.

go on… close your eyes. Stop reading and imagine great achievements of what you desire.

Now think about what is it you can do today (even the smallest of things,) that will help you on your way towards your goal.


This advice I have given you… I followed myself this morning, when I wanted to stay in bed all day and just have a duvet day…. not today! No way! Today is for achieving being a step closer towards your goals…

lets do this!

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