The best way to spend your 25 birthday

Namaste all,

I celebrated my birthday in the beautiful india – goa. I came here to study Yin yoga and become qualified to teach the beautiful therapeutic art of Yin, also to celebrate myself becoming 25 years of age. Anyway I will tell you all how I celebrated my birthday… I am now 25  (I know that is not old.. but older than 24,) I mean… should I be wiser? or have more knowledge? or …. do I suddenly transform overnight into a beautiful Goddess of a women I wish to be… hmmm…

Also thinking about how most of my friends celebrate their birthdays whatever the age, by simply going out and getting drunk or by ‘dancing the night away’ in some sticky night club as to where your feet glue to the floor because of the over spillage of alcohol and you get your ass grinded by some repulsive drunk ‘hipster.’

How I chose to celebrate coming into a new year of my life is totally different from that perspective…

so here it goes…


I started my day by waking up super duper early(5am) and manifesting good energy for the rest of my day… I went for a run a long the beach front, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing the shore, bare foot … feeling the exfoliation of the white sand between my toes and the heat of the sun shining down warming my body getting hot and sweaty form the run and the sun. After this I practised yoga on the outside area of my beach hut followed by a deep and concentrated meditation where I thought about all of the things I am super grateful for in my life at this point in time.


After a filling breakfast at the lovely cuba agonda (where i stayed my duration,) I walked up to H20 to have a very cleansing and relaxing aruyvedic massage which involved the pouring of oils onto my body and deep yet sensual massage… wow! I felt super high after this and pretty much floated through the rest of my birthday.

following this I was feeling pretty damn hungry so headed over to my favourite vegan cafe- blue planet, for a tasty and satisfying meal. A grilled tofu dish with moreish nut sauce, to accompany a zesty mango salad and for afters a sensual oozing chocolate cake.. warmed my mouth (better than sex.)

Towards the evening of my birthday we had the welcoming meal and meeting for the start of our Yin yoga course, as which after this we celebrated the holi festival. This was filled with intense bright vibrant colours … that got everywhere… I mean everywhere! literally! I started off super clean for the meeting and then left caked in colour, it really was something quite magical… loud music and dancing as we threw multicoloured powder over each other in a beautiful colourful mess.  After which we all, in our rainbowness ran to the beach and into the sea to wash off our playful mess. It was an amazing experience!

Later that evening I was also blessed to have a full moon on my birthday, I seen the evening to myself cleansing my body and soul with the beautiful moons powerful energy and underneath and sky full of stars. Setting good intentions out into the world and positive affirmations to start my new birth year in the best possible ways.

You can see a short video below of my time there 🙂

love Emily xoxo

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