It’s not the fall… it’s how you get back up

The year is now 2017….

Just having a quick quick review of last years fails, attempted fails and general lack of commitment towards any goal I set. It seemed to be for me the year of laziness, lack of discipline, commitment and ended up with me feeling like I almost waisted a year of half heartedly plodding on. I have to give myself a little credit as I did relocate to Saudi Arabia of which is a totally different culture and world to which I was used to… so I guess that was a big deal. But other than that… I was totally floating through the year without any really planning or preparation as to the things I was ‘hoping’ to achieve.

That was last year… it has passed

moan over.

This year I will focus on enjoying the present moment, being happy in the right here and right now… accepting my situation and if there is any changes in which I wish to pursue; not just talking about them. Actually doing them!

I gave myself January as a month of readjusting after going home to see my family for new year and also giving myself time to mentally prepare for my crazy year ahead.

Today was the first time not only this year but in a while that I practised ashtanga yoga. wow. w.o.w. I do not know why I put off practising it for so long… like… why? what was the reason?


I completed about half of the practise- standing series. some seated and all the finishing sequence. I feel totally awesome!! As soon as I had finished I felt sky and high and just really happy šŸ˜‰



This year is the year of action and doing…

It does not matter what you have or have not done in your past… what has or has not worked… You can choose now to get back up and move on…

lets do this

Emily xxx

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