Day 34



Good morning world,

I woke up naturally at about 3.35 am and decided that I may aswell stay awake and get cracking with my day.

My practice today felt like my body was giving up way before I had even started. I am feeling pretty fatigued to be honest with you, I am looking forward to having these next four days after today off from Ā work so I can rest and have a massage and have time purely for focus on my yoga practice.

I focused on planks today front and side planks to really work all angles of my core. Boy can I feel it in my shoulders…. ouch! Even my wrists are feeling sore now …

One improvement I have noticed within myself is my willing to keep on going, even if sometimes I am totally exhausted or simply cannot be bothered… I have always made the effort even to practice some simple stretches just for 15 minutes. I truly believe even the smallest effort that we make as we strive towards our goal really helps to draft and change us and develop us further within our destiny. šŸ™‚

Keep on strivingĀ 


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