Day 26

Hey lovelies,

I woke up super duper early today!! 4am! yep thats right…4 a m

Feeling fresh and actually wide awake I cracked on with my morning yoga practice. I have to say I am feel achey from the past fews days and pretty tired now needing a day to rest maybe, but after I finished I felt again energised and awake… having had no coffee for nearly more than 1 week now yippeeeeee…. The energy I feel after practicing yoga is awesome! Yoga is like my coffee :)… (I did actually have an arabic coffee today at work though šŸ˜› )

My body kind of has this numb sort of feeling and is very quickly fatiguing during any tasking asanas… I must try and get a massage ASAP.

Although I have noticed my backbends are seriously improving in recent times… I feel that I can really try to straighten my legs now in the full bridge posture.

However I did find my my upper back and shoulders where very stiff and especially in the plow posture during my closing sequence I felt pain like a pulling kind of muscular stiffness pain (not the good kind of pain) so couldn’t stay there or get as deep as what I normally do.





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