Day 25


mmmm right this very moment I am enjoying a warm green tea with some ginger, it is warming me up on these chilly winter mornings.

Still nearer to the start of my journey and wow day 25 already… so I am one quarter of the way through. I feel like between day 1 and now there has not been that much actually improvement yet in my strength and flexibility. However actually having a consistent regular practise is one big bonus! I am now starting to feel happy and excited about practising yoga in the morning and not only that but after my practice I feel great too.

It truly amazes me how quick time passes… too quick! I feel as though yesterday I was playing with my sisters in my garden and then woke up the day after as a adult (although I don’t feel very adult.) I truly believe you are as old as you feel, almost like Peter Pan ‘ I will be young forever.’

During my yoga workout today (it was a tough one) I really felt the burn in my core and got nice and hot and sweaty woooo! It’s great to actually feel warm šŸ™‚

I practised a standing split today for the first time in a loooong time, from this I realised yes…. I really need to put more focus onto increasing my flexibility. My legs felt so so tight during any kind of stretches and that is really not a pleasant feeling.

In my headstand I can stay there for a little bit longer now and I noticed I was so afraid of going into it beforehand. So yes there is some progress there…

Have a shaming day



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