Day 24



wooooo I feel good do do do do do do doo!

Enjoying a yummy breakfast consisting of 3 plums and a green tea mmm… I feel such great vibes from my yoga practise today. It is truly shamazing!

I changed my morning routine, today is went like this:

  1. woke up, jumped out of bed (jumping about to get warm)
  2. drank 1 litre of water
  3. went to the loo šŸ˜‰
  4. practised a strong and sweaty core strength focused yoga
  5. ended my practice with an uplifting meditation
  6. now eating breakfast šŸ™‚

From all of these things I feel great! I am full of energy and good vibes.

Seriously I feel awesome!

In my yoga practice this morning, I focused on core work… to really feel the burn in my abs and, warm my whole body and to increase my strength and help to prepare my body to build up to the ‘harder’ asanas.

In general for yoga I have noticed people are so desperate to get cracking with these ‘advanced’ postures and try to force the body into them. Rather than actually being patient and taking the time to develop the strength and flexibility to be able to get into the asana with style, grace and prevent any injuries.

Don’t be afraid to take things slowly and really make sure you have developed the muscles needed to progress (remember the slow tortoise won the race.)

smile and be happy

(still wearing a wooly hat)



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