Day 23



Hello to everyone reading my posts,

wow…. winter is official now here in Saudi Arabia! It seams that all of a sudden ‘BAM’ its cold… I mean like really goddam cold. Considering in the summer is surpasses 50 degrees C, which by any means with this dry heat it is super duper hot hot hot. Now the weather is really freezing cold and, dry cold… it almost feels like you are cold all the way to your bones aha šŸ˜‰

Today the warmest is 15′ and the coldest was 8′ this morning when I woke up…. I know compared to else where in the world that this is still classed as warm, but , I mean, no no no no it is for sure not warm. I feel like yesterday it was still like a colder version of summer but not now, no, today it is winter… brrrrrrr. So here I am with about 5 layers of clothing on and a scarf and as you can see a wooly hat.

I did Ā a lovely little flow this morning, very simple and still taking it super slow with my body and with what feels good. I was half tempted to practice in the sauna but with little room and a few spectators I went against that idea.

I am really feeling the cold now and just wow… I mean really wow hehe. So I think I will focus a little more on power yoga to get me hot and sweaty.

Now drinking a hot camomile tea


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