Day 21


I had a lovely little practice this morning… I kept it short but yet oh so very sweet …

I will be gentle with my body and go with what feels good with me at that time. I felt grateful for being back on my mat again and really appreciate that my body needs to rest and recover.

The flow today was vinyasa style with a few twists to help detox and purify my body.

I find that also in the morning for me I am more awake if I go straight into a meditation instead of lying in savasana as this relaxes me and makes me feel sleepy… maybe sometimes I do actually fall asleep…

Anyway finally figured out how to edit and upload my practice to my first ever blog… (link below) wahoo. I know I have a lot of improvements to make but I am proud of it.. so you can now check out what I have been up to šŸ˜‰




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