Days in bed 18, 19 and 20

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have not posted for a few days… I also have not practised yoga neither. Literally have been in bed, only to get out of it just to make myself a fruit salad and a warm drink of green tea with ginger.

Right now as I write…. I am still (guess where) in bed, but thought I would keep you updated as to whats occurring. I feel like this illness has come at the wrong time (when are they ever the right time,) right at the very start of my 100 day journey into yoga… Just because physically I have not been able to practice. Mentally I have and, have day dreamed about achieving all of the asanas I so desire to add into my practise. This helped…

A few things being ill and run down has taught me:

  • Don’t burn your candle at both ends.
  • Always put your own needs first.
  • What ever you put into your body you will get back in abundance.
  • Always give yourself time to heal and to rest.
  • Listen to what your body is telling you.


I got ill from not listening to my body…. not giving it the healthy fuel it needs and not resting when my body was needing it. I have not been this ill for a long time and it really has woke me up to a few things.

  • Sleep is very important… my body needs at least 5 hours to function properly.
  • I was drinking waaaay too much coffee and not enough water.
  • I need to take some time each day to myself to meditate/ simply breathe.
  • Don’t try to be a people pleaser… if you need to rest… rest
  • your body tells you everything you need to know.


This has got to be one of the many valuable lessons in life in which we need to learn. So my plan is to eat more fruits and drink more herbal tea …. sleep and rest more and later maybe go for a steam if I have the energy … to clear my blocked nose and sinuses.

peace out

Emily ❤


below is what I am listening to…

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