Day 17


Good morning beautiful souls,

Right now pictured above is my (lots of) bananas and coconut flakes breakfast… I will be eating lots of fruit and veg now to boost my energies and wellbeing.

Still feeling ill šŸ˜¦ and even a little bit sick now and have a chesty cough as well as block nose and sinuses, headache, achey body and tiredness … it sucks!!

But…. on the positive side (although I could not breathe through my snotty nose haha,) I did wake up at about 5.15am and practiced yoga. It felt challenging for my body, even things that most people would call the “simple” postures still felt difficult to attempt today.

However whilst in the full bridge… wow…. that felt purely amazing for my body and what a heart opener. I felt energy and love and positivity run though my spine to my whole body.

I am getting myself ready to go to work … although all I really fancy doing is hopping back into bed with like 10 million layers on and sleep zzzzzzzz. I maybe will have a strong coffee to get me going… bluurrrgghhhhhhh šŸ˜¦ when will my cold go šŸ˜¦ hmmfpt!!

Anyway I hope wherever you are in the world you have a beautiful day!



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