Day 15

Happy weekend everyone,

I am keeping it very simple today with my yoga practice… its my day off and I still woke up at actually 6am today šŸ™‚ wooooo

got out of bed feeling awake and happy yet super stiff, with pain in my back. I think it might be caused from my pillow (as well as extremely achey muscles from this week) So tonight I shall try and sleep with no pillow and see how I feel tomorrow.

yes… so… I practiced some very simple asanas and slow stretches to help release some of the tension and pain in my back. After a sweaty power walk it really helped… I shall also do the same thing later on tonight and practice some Yin yoga to help refresh my body and mind, ready for a long practice on Friday.

I am just enjoying a lovely fresh mango smoothie as I write and have been purely raw vegan foods for the past two days… I feel much healthier and lighter and more energised following a raw vegan foods diet than I do on cooked or any other foods. Although the weather is getting colder and I do enjoy warm soups so… we shall see

Have a lovely day and night




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