Day 14


Wow… I actually had to bribe myself to get out of bed at 5am this morning!!

I said to myself, ” Look I know you are tired and achey from yesterdays yoga practise and it is getting colder and you are feeling like going back to sleep… mmmm…. and snuggling up in a warm cosy bed… But now you are awake you may as well go and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee to warm you up, and then, if you still want to sleep after you have drank it … that is ok.”

This trick worked hehe ( I tricked my own self šŸ˜› ) I carried myself out of bed sat and drank a coffee with extra youtube motivation… and by the time I had finished my coffee I felt be darn awake and up for heading out for my power walk. Ā yippeeeee

After a warm shower and laying down my yoga mat, I was careful to ensure my body was totally ready and prepared for my yoga practice. By following a series of wrist and spine movements to help remove any stiffness from my body.

This mornings yoga was a little harder as I am aching from yesterdays practice … so before I even do anything my body was already fatigued … I decided that taking it slower was the best approach and ease my body into the work and letting it recover for a short while after each asana.

I am so so great full that this week I have tomorrow and Friday off from work … as I feel as though I just purely need to rest and rejuvenate my body, soul and mind… I will practice still and plan to hopefully have a massage, a long mediation and made have a little swim and of course lots of sleep, to allow myself the time I need to feel me again.

I like the quote I saw on my Ipad today… it is the picture above. As I write this my tunage is: Ā Ā


Love Emily


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