Day 13


Good morning everyone and to everyone a good morning šŸ™‚


Finally getting back to my normal morning routine…. Woke up at 5am (it was painful,) drank a coffee whilst listening to inspiring talks and music on youtube, then dragged my big butt outside for a power walk.

I felt a little stronger this morning, although still tired and achey but I had a pretty strong practice compared to the last few days. So this is great!

Today I focused on upper body – wrist, shoulder and core strength and attempted another wall walk and a few attempts of me “trying” to balance or force my body weight into my hands my slowly rocking forwards from my knees and lifting all / most of my weight into my hands…… I will get stronger!! This is a must!!

Right now my diet is mostly raw food from fruits and some raw salads but also I am including maybe one or two cooked meals per day as I enjoy the warmth during the cold weather…This morning my breakfast was a whole sweet melon (breakfast number 1:) )

Last night my new moon meditation and ritual was oh so so zen… I set my new intentions and vowed to prioritise my goals and passions instead of boys and partying. I will dedicate my time to working consciously towards my goals everyday and making this my obsession.

I am curious if anyone else does anything similar with a new moon and if so what do you do?

Peace and warm wishes



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