Day 12

Sooooo Just to let you know after last nights nada yoga practice…. ooo it was bliss, pure bliss šŸ™‚ I felt super relaxed and drifted to sleep right away.

Todays practice… my body is still recovering from very little sleep and also the change in climate and weather conditions from Dubai to Saudi… suffering with the dryness and the cold sandy air.img_2743

Anyhooo… I practised for about 20/30minutes and hmmm it was nice, focused on a few back bends and simple inversions that I held for a little while.

I felt such a release from the backbends and felt positivity and love just pour through my body. After the shoulder stand and also after my headstand in my closing sequence … wow my body felt so cleansed and just generally lovely.

Right now I shall eat some food … go for a steam room and then practice a new moon uplifting meditation before bed and well needed sleep.

much love



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