Day 9

Oh my gosh…. So I travelled through night to get here in Dubai and… Here I am…
Put it this way it was an interesting experience! To say the least. 

After having zero sleep and feeling tense from toooo much sitting down whilst travelling I was super happy to jump in the pool this morning when I arrived. After splashing about like a mermaid diving underwater and cleansing my body. I pulled out my yoga mat and practised by the pool outside with the beautiful sunrise. 

This was a positive highlight and it was such a beautiful practice today. I felt such relieve as I moved my body through the asanas and not just physically but emotionally too… I find that I am highly sensitive to other people emotions and especially if I am tired, so this was such a good feeling for me to set free these harboured emotions.

I used a short version of an ashtanga practice and just wow… It felt so so nice.

I will take a short nap now.

Peace out



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