Day 5


This morning I felt so too tired, I am having a busy time at work and am exhausted from teaching all of the classes. Also to make matters worse, I have just came on my period (the things us girls endure šŸ˜¦ .) Feeling really tired to be honest and found it hard to not sleep all through the morning.

I woke up and went outside for some fresh air and a power walk then actually had a nap when I got back home before my very short yet effective yoga practice. All together it lasted about 15minutes maybe a little longer? … hmmm…. anyway I had more of a yin style practise with some nice releasing stretches and a therapeutic relaxation at the end. To help with tummy cramps I lay down with a heavy (ish) pillow on my tummy and a towel to cover my eyes to help relaxation.

I hope my energies increase over this week

peace out




instagram : little_emily_big_worl

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