Day 3


This morning I woke up at 5am… (I find that I have to kick my ass out of bed a little, and still felt like I could easily have gone back to sleep,) drank water and then sat and enjoyed my morning wake me up coffee (whilst looking for inspiring yoga/ travel/quotes on instagram.) At about 6am I started my yoga practice… with some simple warm up stretches for the wrists and back. Followed by 5 rounds of surya namaskara A (sun salutation) and then a nice opening flow.

I found my back to be less tight and less painful this morning (yippee) and I went slightly deeper in some of the stretches. Working on developing  my splits in comfort… very hard at the moment for me to sit comfortably in the splits (my legs have some tightness to them, especially my hamstrings.) Also my nose is so so blocked .. I think maybe my sinuses too, maybe I will go for a steam later on tonight to help clear my airways.

Although overall I feel good … my practice lasted about 40 minutes… I will look to be doing a longer practice soon over the week.

As I write this morning my playlist is :

I found this very uplifting and happy 🙂

Peace out




instagram: little_emily_big_world

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