Day 2

After having a fairly late night last night, I actually practiced yoga at about 12.30pm having woken up late on my one and only day off this week (ahhhh it is a tough life). Feeling achy and tired, my practice lasted around about 40 minutes in total and consisted of sun salutations both A and B. Followed by a slow and steady simple yoga flow, taking my time with each asana (yoga posture.) Holding the postures until I could really feel my body working hard to maintain the position.

I find that my back is feeling fairly tight today and I felt a little pain during some of my practice. Although simply being aware of this and listening to my body’s capabilities is enough to get me through my practice.

I want to focus on building my core/upper body strength and increasing my flexibility and become fearless within myself and my physical practice. I am sure many of you will understand this … having the physical strength to actually be able to perform the posture and yet… and yet being too darn scared to even attempt it (sucks yeh.) I find any inversions (especially arm balances) pretty freaky scary and for a long time have let them block me from progressing any further in my practice on the mat.

But I have decided that enough is… enough! I am going to train myself slowly… really slowly … working out my fears and kicking them in the ass! I will no longer let fear run my capabilities, or be blocked by being … quite frankly shit scared . I will strive to push too, and beyond my limits and use this 100 day challenge I set myself as a journey into the unknown… and actually see how far I can go.

Until tomorrow folks

peace out



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