100 days of yoga day 1

Good morning beautiful people,


Sooooo….. here is my thing…


I have challenged myself to practise yoga for 100 days straight, this will be many styles and mixes and also freestyle yoga .. pretty much whatever I feel will be good for me on that day. The reason I have set myself this challenge is because my own personal practise on the mat has been lacking sufficiently … or rather insufficiently.

My actually job is in the fitness industry, I teach zumba, dancing, personal training, hiit and actually I am also a yoga teacher (yes I know what you must be thinking…) To be completely honest with you I find that actually working as a class instructor and teaching numerous fitness classes every day to have a downside on my own fitness … I am, by the end of my working day simply exhausted and knackered already from the classes I have taught throughout the day and also with very little rest… any way this is another topic.

Back to my thing…

Yes,so.. my own personal practise has been virtually non existent or very half hearted and lazy.

This is why I have challenged myself to this 100 day challenge (you are more than welcome to join me should you wish.) I will also be posting videos of my weekly practise up on youtube (I will post the link when I have.)



This morning I woke up at 5 am (yeh thats right AM ) and drank lots of water before dragging myself downstairs to make a coffee. About an hour after this I was on my mat sweating it out and embracing this journey I have decided to embark on. I found the practise challenging as by the end my muscles were shaking, yet, I found it was exactly what I needed. After about 4 minutes in savasana at the very end, followed by a short pranayama (breathing focus) and meditation session, I felt amazing!!

Following my beautiful yoga practise, I went for a power walk were I practise greatfulness and just embracing how good I feel woohooooo.

Still feel super duper good, I just think I have had the best possible start to my day and feel so so much more positive and active than what I do if I re-set my alarm and sleep in zzzzzzzz

peace out

Emily xxx


my playlist of the day : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7E_PdpMMwI

check out my Instagram: little_emily_big_world


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