Happily choosing to be happy…

Being truly happy among many other emotions….. Each day we feel extremely differently and each day we should be aware of our emotional wellbeing and truly take the time to tune in with ourselves to see what’s going on the inside…
Generally I am that happy go lucky girl, always smiling and generating positive vibes around me wherever I go. Pretty much on a daily basis people ask me – how am I always so happy? Do I ever get angry or upset? What is my secret?

The answer is yes I am able to feel more than one emotion. 

I am an emotional being, hyper sensitive to the world around me and super aware of not only other people’s emotions but also the affect of my own emotions on other people. Just because I choose to be mostly happy and choose to take a positive outlook towards life on a daily basis and seeing whatever situations life brings as a lesson to be learnt , does not mean that I don’t experience sadness, anger, frustration and the usual feeling of why am I doing this? And what value am I adding to this world?

I also, as a simple human being, struggle with the inner voice within me questioning am I good enough to do that? Daily the feeling of fear of the Unknown…. What should I do with my life… What will happen in my future? Can I make my dreams come true?
I believe that everybody has a secret story unfolding within themselves and everybody has struggles and battles of their own…. Everybody is fighting for something or someone.

In this life, please realise that you are not alone… These feelings you have, these insecurities, these struggles on a daily basis with the rocky grind of life. You are not alone. 
Simply having the understanding of this communal suffering we all endure throughout our lives in unity, can give us the sense of togetherness. We all suffer together in our own little worlds within this big world in which we reside in. 

By choosing to be mainly happy does not mean we shall not suffer, it simply means that we choose not to dwell on it. It means that whatever this life gives us we will just embrace it… Whatever feelings arise in your single emotional being, rather than hiding them under the carpet try to embrace them… And then move on and be happy. If you are feeling sad, be sad. If you are feeling angry, be angry. But whatever you feel inside know that you can choose to be happy. Rather than spreading your sadness or spreading your anger instead choose to spread your happiness and love to those around you. By doing this know that whatever struggles people are facing in turn they will also become aware that they can also choose to be happy. 
Yes right now inside I am feeling sad, I am missing my family back home which feels like a million miles away from where I am in the world right now….. But I will choose to embrace this feeling…. And then simply be happy.
All my love for you and your emotional being


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