Freedom to eat

Hmmmm…….Recently, well for a long time I have been on a journey of self discovery. Through trying things…. And experiencing different situations and being open to not judge or make assumptions based on opinion. 

I will talk more about this over my next posts.
However today my topic is about the openness to eating and trying or tasting and being free to eat a variety of foods without making a restriction on oneself or tarnished opinion based on today’s society.

As a child I was extremely open to food and ate pretty much anything that was put in front of me without worry and stress about what it was or how many calories or chemicals I had consumed. Unlike today’s world of constant counting or obsessing about what it is, it’s content and the inaccurate and frankly stupid number of calories or energy we have taken in to our bodies which are biologically produced in such a way that we can dictate within our selves what is good for us and directly push out of our systems what is not so good. 
Then through my teenage years I developed an unhealthy relationship with food…. In many forms and ways. Through the body conscious mind of a 12 year old girl who had a lack of self confidence and worried over body image to the sense where this effected me in my later teens by starving myself and ridiculously counting calories based on what was socially acceptable in our world today and is forced upon us through the media and what is currently ‘in fashion.’

In another sense, also from the studying of animal rights in our religious studies class (nothing to do with religion studies) and being forced to watch disturbing clips of seemingly endless amount of animals being prepared for slaughter. After this I instantly became a vegetarian and later on vegan completely restricting all animal produce from my life…. 
At first I felt like I was helping to save or help to end the disgusting animal production line and on another level in recent times a part of me felt like I was restricting a big section of my life in the sense of sharing experiences with people and being open to different cultures. For instance if I go to a family members house and they have lovingly prepared foods for us to eat and me saying sorry I will not eat any of this causing maybe a little disrespect to the person who has put their heart and spirit into this food or just being the only one not sharing the same experience as my family…. Not joining them in this memory we are creating.
From being a vegetarian for 12 years and vegan for just over one year…. I have now the feeling that I need to be more open with food especially when it comes to a sense of sharing the experience with others. I have been thinking more and more not to class myself as anything and be open to eat what I feel or eat what people have so carefully prepared for me. 

So slowly I have and will start to gradually and occasionally incorporate animals produce back into my life, not in the sense where it will be a daily occurrence as I enjoy and feel the benefit from leading a plant based lifestyle….. But in the sense that if I go out to a special family or cultural gathering I want to be free in my mind to willingly accept their foods and share a big part of their culture or appreciate the effort they have made. 
I wish to have a restriction free life and mindset especially when It comes to finding the balance of creating a healthy mindset and relationship with oneself and what we choose to freely eat. As after all….. The only time in our life is always now and for now I choose to lead mainly a plant based diet yet to be open to eat offerings from others and not to restrict myself or label myself as anything in particular and just simply do and eat what feels good for me in that moment. 

I have an understanding of why people choose to be vegan and also why they choose to not be. Yet on the other scale I do not have an understanding of why we have come into this calorie obsessed culture and have become so stressed out by what or how much we do or don’t eat and how it will effect our body image. 

I will be writing more on this subject soon….
Peace and love to all


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