To rest… Or not to rest…


Listening to your body is very important… As is setting a discipline in your mind as to wether or not you are willing to dedicate a certain amount of time per day to work towards your passion….
However, when is the point to stop … Stop what have planned to do- to work towards and actually listen to your body and make the best decision for your health.
This is a very hard thing for me to do, OK, so here it goes….
This weekend just gone and maybe even a few days leading up to it I had to ask myself these questions stated above. I fell ill with what was maybe a really bad cold or fever of some kind (I have no idea, all I know is that I really was not feeling fit and healthy and every part of my body ached.) In the morning when I awoke at 5.45am, stepping out of my bed ready to make myself a coffee and prepare for my daily practice of ashtanga yoga. Realising as soon as I sat up ‘ ouch and arhhhh cough cough *wipes snot dripping nose*’ with every inch of my body telling me “Emily you have been overdoing it and you are lacking of rest.. You will feel like this so you will rest for a while,” so…. I listened to what my own body was telling me and rested, in bed… For maybe 2 whole days and took it easy for a while. In the end I had almost let’s say, 5 days off which I did not do any yoga practice ….. Or any physical exercise. This was very hard for me as yes for the first couple of days I did still set my alarm to wake up at 5.45am but my body said ” hell no girl…. Hell no are you doing anything today.” 
Today was the first day that I felt like I could do something…. I practised a few salutations and a few asanas leading to no more than maybe 30minutes in total. Still with an annoyingly runny nose and little bit of a chest Flemmy cough left…. But I took it very slowly and let go of my ego by not attempting any ‘big, more challenging’ postures and kept it simple and just breathed through each movement my body made. 

My question is, how often to we ignore these signals our body gives us?

What damage could this be doing to our health?

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