Travel Tuesday…

A travel memory from over 10 years ago…

The waters were warm and deep, the hot sun beaming down on my young skin giving me a nice healthy glow. Listening to the sound of music coming from the speakers of our sailing boat and watching the sea splashing and rocking our yacht.
Lying on the front of the boat I remember this feeling of serenity … This feeling of peace (as you know that is hard to achieve for a teenager,) what a cleansing experience spending our travels sailing around the Greek islands that have grown so fond to me.

I remember hearing my sisters playing on the back of the boat …. Amy was holding onto a rope, that rope being attached to our little inflatable dingy … In which Molly my youngest sister was sitting in and giggling as Amy ran from side to side and around the edges of the yacht trailing Molly who was floating around in the little dingy. This was so funny to listen to as they where laughing loudly and with Molly shouting which side to run to. This went on for a while and, I felt myself starting to doze off whilst enjoying the serenity I found myself in….
Only until I heard…
“Are you going to jump in and get me then !!!?” Molly shouted, as Amy absent mindedly let go of the rope tied to the dingy… That Molly was in. I jumped up and ran over to see if I could help when my Dad in full on lifeguard style dived into the sea, grabbed the rope and swam thus holding the rope pulling Molly who was still inside the dingy… Smiling smugly, back to boat…. Tying the rope back on the boat and telling Amy off for letting her go.
Thinking back now this is quite funny, thinking about little Molly’s face as she was still smiling as she started to slowly float away….

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