Monday motivation


This time of year, when the weather is cold, skies are grey, it’s still dark when you wake up in the morning and, maybe you are still feeling the effects from that over indulgence festive period. Some times it is hard to get motivated …. Some times it is hard to do things that seem an inconvenience to you. Exercising is an inconvenience and yes it is maybe a mental and physical challenge to get yourself pumped to get out… Get on your yoga mat, go to the gym, or go outside for that walk/run.
Do not be so hard on yourself because you are not alone with these feelings. You are not the only one who struggles to get out of that warm comfy bed at 6am to quickly run downstairs make a coffee before your morning yoga ashtanga practise and even then only feeling warm after completing the whole standing series.
It is hard and challenging to keep motivating yourself and it is too easy and tempting to give in. Don’t give in… Do not allow yourself to take the easy option.
Give yourself something to be proud of…. Give yourself an achievement to work towards.
Then as you wake up at 6am in the morning or when ever it is you work out, know that you are achieving something just by dong that…. You are creating self discipline and self respect.
Embrace that feeling of not wanting to get up or go that extra mile…. Embrace it, listen to it… And then say “f*€¥ you” to that feeling ….. And fight against that feeling… Prove to yourself you are worth so soooo much more than simply giving in and taking the easy option. Think to yourself “I CAN do this…. I WILL do this…. I AM doing this and it feels amazing”

I remember a couple of years back I had a client wanting to work out at 6am (that being the time I would have normally worked out,) but instead of saying no to them that’s my time…. I went to bed earlier the night before and woke up earlier that day… My work out started at 4am. You can do this….


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