Snuggly Sunday



Once or some times maybe a couple of times a week it is needed for my body to completely rest from all of the yoga practice and the exercising. Today is one of those days…. I like to call this snugly Sunday and if the day allows me I try to spend the majority of it snuggled up in a fluffy onsie or cosy dressing gown.
Usually today is when DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness kicks in,) and my achey body does not want me to move too much …. It does allow me to go for (a very slow because of achey legs) walk and enjoy the fresh air… And maybe have a steady stretch afterwards.
I of all people know what it means to your health to incorporate those very important rest days into your life after a hard week of any form of movement or exercise to your body.
I always find by the time my rest day comes along my body is really letting me know how much work it has done. I can feel the extra lengths my legs have to go to every step I take, feeling the pull on my calves and hamstrings on my attempts to sit down and my arms are feeling weak and heavy.
The joys of the Sunday rest days are very beneficial to my body and in a way make me stronger and leaves me feeling refreshed for the coming week starting tomorrow again. I tend to use the time to reflect on the things my body has achieved so far and refocus on all the things I am working to achieve and let a feeling of gratefulness wash over….
I am grateful for this amazing body I am blessed with
I am grateful for all of the things this amazing body has and will accomplish.

Currently enjoying a wake me up black coffee as I write this …. Wrapped up still in my jimjams and in my cosy dressing gown…..

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