Porridge and mindful food

I just had the tastiest porridge ever… I swear it has never tasted so goodšŸ˜Š
Plain rolled oats slowly cooked on the hob with rice milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon, I could just taste the goodness filling up my tummy and curing my hunger pains. This is proof to me that also being mindful (present in the moment just focusing on what you are doing at that time,) really makes a difference to the quality of food that you prepare and make. For instance if I was angry or stressed or generally peeved off at something or someone and, then holding all of that emotion started chopping up vegetables or making …. I don’t know anything, a fruit salad aha… Then all of what I was feeling at that time…. All of that powerful emotion, powerful energy, would just pour itself in the food that I was planning to eat. So in effect sending negative energy into my food thus putting that back into my body, it’s almost like poison.
Have you ever had the chills from someone or sensed a bad presence near by(not necessarily from a ghost… Maybe another person) …. Well imagine all of that going into your food and what effect that would be having on your own energy… Your own health.
On the other hand (like this morning) I was feeling super happy and zen after practising my yoga ashtanga (falling on my face a few times haha) and having a cleansing shower, I felt ready to prepare my breakfast. Mindfully measuring the oats (just over half a cup…. Actually I was hungry so maybe a whole cup) and pouring in my rice milk (I am a vegan) into the pan and carefully stirring , adding in a little cinnamon. Really being aware of what I was doing at that time (making my breakfast … Maybe feeling very hungry.) It felt almost like a form of meditation and a really enjoyable process. With the end result being the tastiest bowl of porridge in the world hehe….

I really try to cook and prepare food mindfully and with a positive energy as the good vibes from your own self emanate from you into whatever it is you are doing. Although saying this…. It is not an easy thing to do 100% of the time, but with consistent effort and practise …. Very…. Very slowly it gets easier and becomes a more natural thing to be present … In the moment.
I wonder if you have practised or experienced this… I am curious to hear how it felt for you.
May all of your food fill you with goodness and give you pleasant textures and fabulous flavours.

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