I’m a brave shaver

Just over two weeks ago I made the final decision to actually grow a pair and shave off all of my hair for charity….  Yes I mean alllllll. I have been pondering over this for a good few years and never thought the day would ever…. Ever come that I do the crazy as thing of shaving off all of my hair. Eeeeek

So after about a two week build up to the event some people…  Mainly some family members saying that I was crazy and stupid for doing such a drastic thing! Even though my reasoning behind this has far more thought….. To raise awareness and money for macmillan cancer support and donating my hair to the little Princess trust hopefully to make a wig for a little boy or girl. Also to make a statement and say that a lot of people women and men don’t have a choice about having no hair…. It either all falls out in one go or gradually over time; so… This is from me personally saying that I support you beautiful people…. This is one thing I have a choice about is my hair…. I am saying that I care.

Another reason is an idea…. Maybe even just a thought that I am toying with at the moment  and it has to do with our generally fake society that we live in where..   As a woman I feel that most of us girls feel obliged to follow this set path of having to change our bodies, looks and mindset just because that is what is done…. Is what girls do, without even questioning why we started doing these things (wearing make up, shaving our bodily hair, extending and dying our head hair) and what makes it so that we feel like we need to change our bodies this way to feel what? More accepted… More womanly…  to please our partners…  To be more attractive?  This is my curiosity for the moment and…..  I will keep an open mind for what I will experience through having no hair and neither do I wear any makeup (apart from the odd bit of lip gloss)……  I am also contemplating whether or not to shave my body hair…. Should I just let it be?

On another note….. Shaving my hair was actually a very pleasant and uplifting experience. It was so lovely having my friends and family there supporting me…. Whether actually in person or online or by donating or sharing my fundraising page or leaving lovely messages….. I felt so humble and greatfull and felt so much love and respect to all of the beautiful people out there who where touched by me shaving off all of my hair.

Tomorrow morning I am heading off to India to become a yoga teacher and will be there for Christmas and new year too…..

All I can say at this point in time is that it is a beautiful and crazy world we live in. Also that having a shower with no hair was a very sensational experience…

Peace and love

Emily 💛


If you would like to see my fundraising page visit http://www.JustGiving.com/little-emily-big-world


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