Being hungry


Right now as I write this post at my favourite local taverna in crete (my current home) where I regularly use their wifi :)…. I am very hungry, having not actually eaten anything all day, due to not being hungry (and what I ate last night)… I am now feeling that pang of hungry and grumble in my tummy telling me that … ‘now is the time to eat… now is the time to feed your body.’

To me it is very funny how (working as a wellbeing coordinator in an all inclusive 5*resort) I see people on a daily basis during feeding times going back for more and yet, more food… even though they may not necessarily be hungry but still stuffing their faces plate after plate… just because they paid for it… or because they are on holiday. This seems totally crazy, but a good answer as to why dress sizes are getting larger and our populations are generally getting fatter.

As I look up around from writing on my laptop, apart from one healthy looking couple opposite me; all I can see are people around me with overly larger tummies hanging over the waistband of their trousers. When I compare this site of the human body to the actual size of the human body’s bone structure… how is it that we have gotten into the habit of gorging on our food that our bodies expand soooo much; to more than in many cases five times the size they ‘should’ be.

We are all, at some point guilty of over eating or ‘binge eating’ for example when we go to the cinema to watch a film we mindlessly eat the whole box popcorn or ‘goodies’ as my dads calls the junk food that we purchase to eat. Or at a buffet, how many times can we go to refill our plates for more food?

I write this topic of post now because I myself only last night filled my face with a whole packet of oreo’s as well as half a packet of pringle’s original flavour. So tell me how is it that we can go from leading a super healthy vegan yogic lifestyle to totally not caring and binging on pure shit…. to satisfy what? I do not believe last night I was even hungry… bored perhaps… watching a film perhaps but why did I feel the need to eat so mindlessly and the need to eat such crap?

This is something I for sure do not know the answer to… All I know that right now … I am hungry. Plus after eating all the crap last night I seriously did not feel healthy… I felt bloated and lazy… also did not want to eat for the most of today until this point right now.

We all know ‘we are what we eat’ as such… so when we eat crap food… we feel like crap… where as when we eat healthy food, full of nutrients… we feel healthy and, full of nutrients.

yet still… we or I… still have the odd time when for some reason or other feel the need to binge on such crap… without fully understanding why?

One thing I do know … is that eating mindfully (being aware of every mouthful of food going into your body) gives me more satisfaction at the end of the meal and eating when my body tells me that I am actually hungry… when I feel that hunger pain or grumble in my tummy again gives me much more satisfaction when I do eat compared to when i eat mindlessly… over bloating my tummy because I was not aware that I was full and clearly ate way toooo much!

So now that I am hungry and aware that after last nights pure junk food my body will be crying out for some nutrients… I will sign off and go and mindfully eat my dinner šŸ™‚


almost hangry (hungry and angry)


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