First post

Firstly let me introduce myself…

Good Evening all… My name is Emily and currently I am living in the beautiful Greek island of Crete working as a wellbeing coordinator. I am at 23 years young and have fallen in love with yoga, meditation and life in general .. the world. I am a vegan and enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables of my current home.

My dream is to inspire the world creating a calm harmony of self acceptance from within… as I do believe in life people.. we all tend to worry and stress a little too much about nothing… take a look below

be a warier not a worrier
As the saying goes ‘be a warrior not a worrier’ ….

generally in life most people worry… about the weather… about their hair… about work, future, friends, relationships and worry about worrying.

but why?

what is the point to worrying?

if you think about it… worrying does not help any situation whether good or bad it just makes it worse, I bet we have all been there at some point. I remember a time when I used to worry so much I made myself sick with worry so i do understand how easy it is to fall into the worry trap.

But on the flip side it is also fairly easy to not worry… and just ‘be in the moment’

simple things like focusing on your breathing {take 10 deep breathes}

focus on what you are doing {think about how it feels/tastes/smells}

get some fresh air {go outside and look at the sky for a while}

you will be surprised at how the little things in life make the biggest difference

peace and love




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